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I've completed BBA , MBA from National University of Bangladesh. I have been involved in private tutoring for about 10 years. So, I know students have more problems with which ones and huge students want to learn english. But they have a wrong concept in English they think English language is too hard.But I can prove that if one understands English well, it will not take long for him to learn English.

Supporting Members

MD Biplob (MA in English from NU)
MD Jibon (MA in English from NU)
Joyoti Biswas (MA in English from NU)
MR. Farid (MA in English from NU)

About us

We give particular lesson to students.  Which you can learn from us - Firstly we teach Basic grammar after that we just go advace and applied grammar. If you are using social media site like facebook, twitter etc. you can find us - Our facebook page - www.facebook.com/grammarbd and twitter page - https://twitter.com/DailyCareerInfo
Our website journey started from 2009 and our main purpose is to provide education. 
We are also providing JOB Related english learning - 
BCS Exam English Guideline.
BANK Exam English Guideline.
Govt. JOB Exam English Guideline.
Private JOB Exam English Guideline.
Others JOB Exam English Guideline. 

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What is the role of English education in getting a job now?
What is the role of English education if you want to improve yourself?
To make you proficient by teaching English
Discuss what it takes to speak English
How to learn English efficiently
To provide overall assistance in teaching English