What is Subject and Object ? Lesson in English

What is Subject ?

Anything that is done or something is said about is called Subject or Karta.

Subject is usually found by asking the verb "K". However, if the verb is a verb, then the subject can be found by asking the verb "car". E.g.

  •     Jon is reading a book.
  •     Puja plays football.
  •     Durga sings a song.

    Let us now question the verb of sentence three by ‘who’.

  • Who reads - Jon reads. That means Jon is here as Subject.
  • Who plays- plays Puja. That means Puja is here as Subject.
  • Who sings- Durga sings. That means Durga is here as Subject.

    What is Object ?

    When the verb is questioned by ‘what’ or ‘who’, the answer is Object or action.

    If the answer is found only by asking the question with ‘what’ then there is an Object in the sentence. Even if the answer is found only by asking 'who', there is an Object in the sentence. And if the verb of a sentence is given two different questions by ‘what’ or ‘who’, then two different answers are found, then there are two objects in that sentence. Again, if you ask a question with ‘what’ or ‘who’ and no answer is found, then there is no Object in that sentence. E.g.

    •     I drink water every morning.
    •     Subroto loves Shilpi.
    •     Ankita gives Purnima a red rose.

    Try questioning sentence three by ‘who’ or ‘who’.

    • What eats in the first sentence drinks water - water will be the object here
    • In the 2nd sentence who loves Subroto. Shilpi. Here Shilpi will be the Object
    • In the 3rd sentence who gives Ankita. Purnima. What gives. a red rose. Then here Purnima and a red rose Object

    ⚠️ Many here can ask a question. That is what must be an object in a sentence. The answer can be a sentence without an object. E.g.

    • Sraboni swims in the river.

    What was the condition of Object ? Object is what is found in the answer when asked by ‘what’ or ‘who’

    Sraboni swims.

    • There is no answer to the question of who, what and by whom ❌

    Swimming is not any work. That is, there is no Object in the sentence. Here, In the river ”Adverbial Phrase.

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