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Fail to speak English after many attempts ?

We can't teach you English, but today we will talk a little bit about how you can learn to speak English a little bit. There are many of you who read English regularly but it seems that when it comes time to speak in English you can't say anything after saying only two or three words. What is the reason for this?

The English subject is associated with absolute reality. Simply put, you've wasted your time learning all your life. Without spending 100% of your time learning, if only 10% of your time was spent practicing English, that is, conversing with others in English, you would have been able to speak English by now.

You may be surprised to hear that you need to know a few grammar topics to speak English. E.g.

◼ First you need to know a little more about Words Vocabulary.

◼ After that you can take a look at the sentence. If you know the sentences, you will understand how to make a meaningful sentence.

◼ Then look at what I am saying. It is not possible to speak English without this part of grammar. This is Time and tense. There is no doubt that a person who can understand Tense very well can speak English. We have already discussed how to use Tense to speak English. See SPOKEN English Helpful Structure here. HOW TO MAKE A SENTENCE IN ENGLISH?

◼ If you can do the above topics well, you will be able to speak more or less English. But gradually you have to learn other topics like Preposition, Articles, Verb, Pronoun, Adjective. Then you can speak English more fluently.

Let's read a lot. Let's see a funny story

If you use social media regularly, you may have seen this story. If you haven't seen it, take a look. And those who have seen can also take a look.

During a bank robbery at a well-known German bank, the leader of the robber gang said to everyone with a gun in his hand, "No one will move, the money will go to the government, but life will go to you and so think and decide your next step."
Upon hearing this, everyone calmed down and went to bed with their heads bowed. This is called the "Mind Changing Concept".

While everyone was lying down, the clothes of a beautiful woman inadvertently rose slightly above her feet.
This is called "Being Professional", which means you will do what you have come to do.
When the robbers returned to their dormitory, a small robber (MBA passer) said to the gang leader (who studied up to class five), "Let's go and count the money."
The leader of the bandit group smiled and said, "There is no need for it, because if you leave the TV after a while, the news channels will tell you how much money we have brought."
This is called "Experience". The experience is that it can work beyond the conventional certificate, which is an excellent proof of that.
As soon as the robbers left, an employee of the bank rushed to the bank manager and said, "Sir, hurry up and call the police. If you call now, they will not be able to go far." The bank manager stopped the employee and said, "They should be allowed to take this 20 million rupees for our benefit, then the 60 million rupees that we have misappropriated can be continued through this robbery."
This is called Swim with the tide.

Shortly afterwards, a report came on TV that 100 million rupees had been looted in a bank robbery. The robbers saw the report and repeatedly counted the money but could not raise more than 20 million. The leader of the bandit group was furious and said, "Shala, we risked our lives, managed so much and took only 20 million rupees and the bank manager removed 60 million rupees with just the stroke of a pen. . "
This is called "Knowledge is worth as much as gold!" That means Mosi is bigger than Aussie.
The bank manager is smiling with an open mind, because his profit is 80 million rupees. Despite the mismatch of Rs 60 million, he has pocketed another Rs 10 million.
This is called,
"Seizing the opportunity." Daring to take risks!
In other words, if there is an opportunity, he should be used ...!

What do you understand from the story ?

You can do anything through your experience. Do those whose mother tongue is English learn grammar and start speaking English? You speak Bengali. Did you start speaking Bengali after learning Bengali grammar? The bottom line is that practice will be as fluent as you speak English.

Remember that just learning grammar is not enough to speak English. Only those who speak English regularly will eventually be able to speak English. At first you may say a little wrong but gradually it will get better. Go to a stage and see if there is anything wrong.

Let's see what things can help you to speak English -

  •     Regular translation discussions
  •     Read more and more English words
  •     The habit of speaking a little English
  •     Read Tense regularly
  •     Speak English fluently while speaking
  •     If you mispronounce English, don't mind if someone makes fun of you. Because today you are learning.

There are other ways that can help you in the same way -

    If you make it a habit to read English magazines regularly, you will realize for yourself how much your English skills will improve in just one month.
    Google Translate - https://translate.google.com.
    There are several online websites where you can check for grammar mistakes. If necessary, you can visit these sites. Example: www.grammarly.com

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