What is adverb and How to work adverb - Full Concept of Adverb Lesson in English

What is Adverb ?

Ans:  An Adverb is a word that modifies a Verb, Adjective or a Sentence or any Parts Of Speech without a Noun or Pronoun.

(01) Modify Verb: She sings sweetly. (sweetly modified Adverb to sing verb)
(02) Modify the verb: He is very honest. (very adverb modified honest verb)

How to identify Adverb ?

◼️ The child is now happy. (Here the adverb ‘now’ modifies the adjective ‘happy’.)
◼️ She sings well. (Here the adverb ‘well’ modifies the verb ‘sings’.)

◼️ The coffee is very hot. (Here the adverb ‘very’ modifies the adjective ‘hot’.)
◼️ She speaks all foreign languages fluently. (Here the adverb ‘fluently’ modifies the verb ‘speaks’.)

◼️ I will return immediately. (Here the adverb ‘immediately’ modifies the verb ‘return’.)
◼️ I hardly recognized my old friend. (Here the adverb ‘hardly’ modifies the verb ‘recognized’.)

◼️ Sonia is an extremely good dancer. (Here the adverb ‘extremely’ modifies the adjective ‘good’.)
◼️ He learns his lessons very carefully. (Here the adverb ‘very’ modifies another adverb – carefully.)

◼️ I visit my friend daily. (Here the adverb ‘daily’ modifies the verb ‘visit’.)
◼️ It is too hot today. (Here the adverb ‘too’ modifies the adjective ‘hot’. The word ‘today’ is also an adverb.)

Note: The function of Adverb is to modify Verb, Adjective. But there are many people who are a little confused about Adverb, they often mix Adverb and Adjective together.
In fact, those who mix Adverb and Adjective together have no fault. In fact, there are some similarities between the two that cause this mistake.
We will help you a little so that you can easily understand that Adjective and Adverb are not one. And to understand it better, look at the examples above.
The child is now happy.
Can you tell me which word is modifying here? There are many people who are busy looking for the Adverb after seeing the example. And if you really did it, you would be wrong.
Sonia is an extremely good dancer.
You can tell which Adverb is modifying here.
Option 2 - Adjective and verb
Tell the answer in the comments.

Difference Between Adjective And Adverb

It is a hardwork He works hard.
He is my first friend. He runs fast.
It is a high building. The plane flew high.
I am an early riser. I rise early.
He is a quick runner. He runs quick.

Applied Section:

1. The birds are flying
2. These mangos are sweet
3. Indian people do not like this
4. Raju is a tall boy
5. Bilas drinks much milk
6. Some boys are clever.not all
7. I ate some rice
8. Would you give me a pen ?
9 . She took nither side
10. This is most unfortunate 
11.Each boy got a price
13. It must be good
14. It must be good
15. You might go there
16. He used to walk early in the morning.
(1)  pronoun
(2) preposition
(3) article
(4) verb

(5) Determine the subject / object.
(6) Write the Be verbs of the given sentence.
(7) Write the Modals of the given sentence
(8) Classify all types of verbs in a given sentence.
(9) Determine the subject and object.
(10) Write the adjective word.
(11) Determine noun and pronoun.

Answer in the comments. If your answer is wrong, the correct answer must be given in the reply of the comment. Remember that reading a little bit of it will not work unless you try to do it yourself.

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