What is Conditional ? How To Use Conditional ? | Conditional Sentence Lesson in English

Use Of Conditional Sentence Lesson in English

Conditional Sentence divided into three parts based on the probability of occurrence.

1. 1st conditional sentence.
2. 2nd conditional sentence.
3. 3rd conditional sentence.

1. 1st conditional sentence:
Conditional Sentences in which the function of if-clause is fully possible are called 1st conditional sentence.

a) If + present + future (used to mean certainty.)
For example: If you come, I shall go

b) If + present + may / might /
can (may / might is used to mean possibility / permission and can afford.)
For example: If you like, you may come in
If I get the opportunity, I can prove myself fit.

c) If + present + present (used to express habitual actions, automatic results or scientific facts.)
For example, if a person takes poison, he dies

d) If + present + must (used to express obligation or obligation.)
For example, if you want to succeed, you must work hard.

2. 2nd conditional sentence:
Conditional sentences that do not have an if-clause or contradict the actual information are called 2nd conditional sentences. In such a sentence, the 'be verb' of the if-clause is always were.
a) If + past + should / would --- This sentence is used in the sense of Certainly. However, since the meaning should be expressed, usually should be avoided.
For example: If I were you, I would kill him

b) If + past + might ----- This structure is used to mean possibility.
For example: If I worked hard in my field, I might get a good harvest.

c) If + past + could ------ It is used to mean Ability.
For example, if you worked hard, you could succeed.

3. 3rd Conditional Sentence:
The if-clause of some Conditional Sentences expresses conditions that were supposed to occur in the past. But that condition has not been met in the past, so it is no longer possible to fulfill it. Such a conditional sentence is called 3rd conditional sentence.
If + pas perfect + perfect conditional (would / could / might + have + v.p.p.)
For example: If I had known that you were in the library, I would have met you.

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