Clear Concept Of Group Verb: List of useful group verb english lesson

List of useful group verb lesson in english

A Bengali Meaning
Act for Working for
Act on Acting on something
Act up to Act as expected
Act upon Depend on something, do damage
Bear off Conquer
Bear on Tolerate
Bear out Support
Bear with Tolerate

Blow away Blown away
Blow off Issue
Blow out Extinguish
Blow up Blow up, explode

Break away Breaking Out
Break down Breaking
Break in Talking in between, pushing in
Break into Break in
Break out Spread, spread
Break through force entry
Break up End

Bring about caused
Bring forth Generate
Bring in Introduce, Introduce, Give
Bring up Nurture

C -
Call at Visit anywhere
Call on Visit
Call in Call
Call out shout, call
Call off Revoked
Call up Remember
Call for Wanted

Carry off Winning, being carried, taking life
Carry on Continue
Carry out Observe

Cast aside Throw away
Cast off Excluded

Come after chase back
Come away Unlock
Come by Found
Come form Where to expect
Come of Coming, being born, emerging
Come off Ceremony
Come on Run fast
Come out Published
Come round Recover

Cut down Cut or Reduce
Cut off Isolate, die
Cut out Suitable, Stop Serving, Overcome
Cut up To be shocked, to be torn to pieces
D -
Do up Extremely tired
Do without Walk without anything
Dwell on / upon Thinking
F -
Fall back Walk back, go back
Fall from Loss of power, exit
Fall in Align
Fall in with Agree
Fall into Split
Fall off Falling, falling
Fall on Assign, Attack
Fall through Fail

G -
Get alone Run or run
Get away Escape
Get down Get down, pay attention, write
Get in Appear
Get into Merge, endanger
Get off Go
Get after Follow
Get on Run, move on
Get out Get out, get rid of
Get through Recover, Pass
Get up Get up, make up

Give away Surrender, Donate
Give in Accept
Give off Given
Give over to Transfer
Give up Abandoned

Go about Expanding, wandering, continuing
Go after Follow
Go along Accept, continue with devotion
Go away Leaving
Go back on / upon Break
Go by Passed, known
Go down Falling, falling, drowning, falling to the ground, perishing
Go for Going to fetch, attack, like
Go in for Test, compete
Go off Exit, explode
Go on Continue, get started
Go round / around Rotate, stay enough
Go through Read
H -
Hand over Surrender
Hang about / around Suspiciously wandering around, waiting
Hang back To fall behind
Hang on Relying on someone, waiting

Had better rather
L -
Look about Search
Look after Caring
Look at Look
Look down upon Hate
Look for Search
Look into Investigate
Look on / upon Consider, think
Look out Looking out, being alert
Look over Experiment
Look through Read fast
Look to Concentrate
Look up Grow, find
Look up to Respect
Look forward Looking forward
Look up Increased

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M -
Make of Build, Understand
Make off Escape
Make out Understand
Make over Deliver
Make up Settle, Compensate, Fulfill, Decide
Make up of formed
Make after Run back
P -
Put away Remove, Abandon
Put down Write, suppress, break
Put forward Upload
Put off Open, suspend
Put on Add, Add
Put out Extinguish, expand
Put together Unite
Put up Lift, hang, live
Put up with Tolerate
R -
Run about Running fast, running back and forth
Run across Sudden encounter
Run after Chase
Run away Fleeing, leaving home, stealing
Run down Running
Run out Expired
Run over Crushed
Run through pierce
Run upon Plan, push
Run into Fall, get involved
S -
See off Say goodbye
See through Investigate
Set about Getting Started
Set down Download, write
Set in Getting Started
Set off Getting Started
Set out Skip, get started
Set up Install

S -
Stand against Resist
Stand aside Stand aside
Stand by Stand by
Stand for Explained
Stand off Stay away
Stand up for Support the party
Sworn in Swearing
T -
Take after / Turn after to look the same
Take away Removed
Take down Text
Take for Think, count
Take off Unlock, imitate
Take over Accept
Take to Get used to, get addicted
Tell upon Harm, damage
Turn after Match
Turn up Reject, Ignore
Turn off Close
Turn on Turn on
Turn over Reverse
Turn up Appearing

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