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Commonly mispronounced words in English - Wach Video Lesson

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Comfortable – comes from two word - comfort + able
Correct pronunciation is ‘Kum-fur-tbl’.
The alphabet “a” is almost silent here.
Breakfast – comes from two words – break + fast
Correct pronunciation is  ‘brek – fst’
Again the “a” is silent here.
February is pronounced as ‘Feb-ru-aree’
Some people pronounce it as ‘Feb-u-aree’ and that is incorrect .
The “r” is not silent
Mortgage is said as ‘Mor-gage’
The “t” is silent here.
Buffet – meaning spread of food is said as ‘Bu-fey’
The “t”at the end is silent .
Mischievious OR Mischievous – meaning someone who is naughty or full of mischief
Pronunciation –‘mis-chee-vi-us’
If you say it as ‘mis-chee-vus’ it is incorrect .
Jewel – is said as ‘Jool’ &
Jewellery is said as  ‘Jool-ri’
The “ewe” is said as “oo” over here.
Recur  comes from re + occur
It is pronounced as – re’-kur
Bowl – is said as ‘bol’ and not ‘bow-ool’
The “w” is silent
Plural – meaning more than one
It is said as ‘Ploo-ral’ and not ‘Plo-ral’
The “u” is pronounced as “oo”

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