Short Tecnique Of Paragraph Writing / How To Write a Paragraph In a Simple Way

If You Are Able To Write a Paragraph Then Don't Follow This kind of Paragraph. Write your own way if you can.
Help: we personally suggest do not follow this short technique if you are able to writing ..
That kind of Paragraph
1.Value of Time
4.Honest Intention
5.Good Manners
8.Dignity Of Labor
10.Moral Courage
28.Common Sence
You Have To Follow:
Everyone wants to be successful in life. This success depends much on _____. It is a great virtue. It is the key to success. The man who acquires this Great virtue can shine in life. The history inspires us to develop this virtue. The life and activities of all great men in the world are associated with this virtue. We can conquer everything in this world with developing this quality. The man who does not achieve this virtue becomes a curse to himself and to his family as well as to society. He leads very miserable life. His life becomes full of sorrows and sufferings. He always lags behind and suffers in long run. In a word, the consequences of not acquiring this virtue are beyond description. People do not love and respect him. On the other hand, he is praised and respected by all if he develops this virtue. Therefore, we all should develop this virtue to be great in life.

That kind of Paragraph
1.Load Shedding
2.Traffic Jam
4.Road Accident
5.Copying in the Examination
6.Campus Violance
7.Greenhouse Effect
8.Environment Pollution
9.Air Pollution
10.Water Pollution
11.Sound Pollution
12.Arsenic Pollution
13.Drug Addiction
15.Street Children
16.Street Beggar
You Have To Follow:
Nowaday _______ has become a great problem. It is increasing day by day. There are some causes behind this. The unconsciousness of people is one of the main cause of it _______ . There are some bad effects of it. In a word, the bad effect of it beggar Description. At present, it is a matter of much anxiousness for the civil society like ours. It creats other problems too. We should realize that it is a great obstacle to our national development. We Must also remember that we fail to solve it at once, this problem may go out of control in near future. Therefore, this problem must be solved in any way. In addition, it is high time we solved it. Nevertheless, it is not possible for the government to solve this problem in single hand. We all must come forward to help the government so that government can easily solve this problem within shortest possible time. Therefore, necessary prompt Steps must be taken. For this awarness must be increased.

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