Kind Of Noun with Examples

Kind Of Noun:
1. Common Noun
2.Proper Noun
3.Collective Noun
4.Material Noun
5.Abstract Noun
Sentence 1.Proper Noun 2.Common Noun
A Common Noun is a name given in common to every person or thing of the same class or kind A Proper Noun is the name of some particular person or place,Proper means one's own
Krishna was a king Krishna- refers to a particular king King- king might be applied to any other king
Gita is a good girl Gita- refers to a particular name Girl- might be applied to any other girl
Dhaka is the largest city Dhaka- refers to a particular name City- might be applied to any other city
AlfreFutterkiste MariAnders Germany

3.Collective Noun: Collective Noun is the name of a collection of persons or things taken together and spoken of as one whole or a collective noun is used to refer to an entire group of persons, animals or things it therefore includes more than one member.

For Example: Crowd, mob, team, flock, herd, army, fleet, jury, family, nation, parliament, committee etc.
Crowd Army fleet
a collection of people a collection of soldiers a collection of ships or vessels

Examples of common collective nouns: People: board, choir, class, committee, family, group, jury, panel, staff
Animals: flock, herd, pod, swarm
Things: bunch, collection, fleet, flotilla, pack, set

4.Material Noun:  Material noun is The word that refers to the name of a substance or object.
For Example: water, air, silver, gold, iron, copper, sand, coal, rock, sunlight, rain, earth, salt, egg, meat, honey, milk, silk, leather, wool, etc.

5.Abstract Noun: Abstract Noun is usually the name of a quality, action, or state.
Quality Action State
Goodness, kindness, whiteness, darkness, hardness, brightness, honesty, wisdom, bravery Laughter, theft, movement, judgment, hatred Childhood, boyhood, youth, slavery, sleep, sickness, death, poverty
Abstract Noun Can Be formed As - Adjectives, Verbs and Common Nouns
For Example:
Adjective Verb Common Noun
Honesty from honest, Kindness from kind Obedience from obey, growth from grow Childhood from child

List Of Abstract Nouns:
List-1 List-2 List-3
Thought Thrill Timing
Sorrow Speed Strength
Surprise Talent Strictness
Riches Right Rumour
Solitude Stupidity Success
Philosophy Pleasure Poverty
Loneliness Loss Love
Liberty Lie Life
Nap Pain Patience
Sacrifice Sanity Satisfaction
Ego Elegance Envy
Disquiet Disregard Disturbance
Disappointment Disbelief Dishonesty
Fact Failure Fashion
Apprehension Argument Artistry
Chaos Charity Childhood
Ability Adoration Advantage
Annoyance Anxiety Appetite
Fragility Frailty Freedom
Growth Happiness Hatred
Peace Peculiarity Perseverance
Awareness Awe Beauty
Belief Bravery Brilliance
Brutality Calm Care
Adventure Amazement Anger
Clarity Cleverness Coldness
Religion Restoration Rhythm
Friendship Gain Generation
Goal Goodness Gossip
Luck Luxury Marriage
Reality Relaxation Relief
Skill Slavery Sleep
Service Shock Silliness
Tolerance Trend Trust
Victory Wariness Warmth
Unemployment Union Unreality
Power Pride Principle
Divorce Dream Education
Evil Fear Fiction
Tiredness Truth Uncertainty
Law Mercy Movement
Laughter Self-control Sensitivity
Wealth Weariness Wisdom
Confusion Contentment Courage
Determination Dexterity Dictatorship
Comfort Communication Company
Idea Infancy Infatuation
Insanity Intelligence Irritation
Joy Justice Kindness
Deceit Dedication Defeat
Honesty Horror Inflation
Delight Despair Generosity
Compassion Confidence Crime
Death Delay Weakness

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