How To Speak Fluently In English ? Follow Just 5 Working Way To Speak Fluently In English !

First step:
At first you have to know about The Tense. Keep in mind that if you do not know about Tense you will never be able to speak in English.

Secondly: Learn Basic Grammar like as Article, Preposition, Sentence, Translation, Verb, Adjective, Linking words etc. And learn about their work. See more examples as more as possible.

Thirdly: At Present Internet Connection is everywhere and now you are reading this article from intrenet. So think about it , it can be better if you can take help from online. You can use 

How To Speak Fluently In English ?

well, If you already know English well then there will be no problem to speak. Just follow some rules and apply them.
Follow: 1:  See more English conversations.

Follow: 2:  You should try to make English conversations with your friends.

Follow: 3:  Always try to speak in english. Remember it's a applying method. So, You should speak in english as long as possible. Do not waste time just to read and write.

Follow: 4:  You can see the English programs on TV. It can help you to increase your vocabulary knowledge.

Follow: 5: Give More priority to -
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